South Sudan Emergency Relief

Mothers Union will be joining with The World Council of Churches (WCC) together with the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) and a range of faith-based partners and networks observing a Global Day of Prayer to End Famine on 21 May 2017, in response to the hunger crisis in South Sudan and  surrounding areas. Find out more here

Since December 2013, Mothers’ Union has been supporting those affected by the ongoing regional crisis stemming from the civil war in South Sudan. In total more than 1.5 million refugees have now fled from the country to the surrounding regions such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan - the UN also estimate that a further 2 million have been internally displaced. 60% of the refugees are children who will often arrive at the camps suffering from acute malnutrition. Despite the scale of the crisis, it is receiving little international attention and is therefore chronically underfunded.

In response to this growing crisis, Mothers’ Union aims to fund a £50k emergency relief project to help feed, clothe and provide post-conflict trauma support for refugees fleeing the war.

The first phase of our relief project is focused around the Diocese of Madi West Nile in Northern Uganda where there are over 500,000 people living in makeshift accommodation. We will work with the local churches to provide practical support and training. We will also work alongside other NGO’s as part of the relief effort and Mothers' Union will uniquely focus on providing displaced peoples with spiritual, psychosocial and post-conflict trauma recovery support.

We very much see our role as working alongside the local diocese to rebuild communities providing care and support.  NGO's can come and go dependent on the crisis of the day but the Church, and Mothers’ Union, will always be there providing sanctity against rebel attacks and a foundation from where people can start to rebuild their lives.

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Latest Update (5/4/2017)

An initial grant of £10,500 from the Mothers’ Union Relief Fund has been sent to Madi & West Nile in Uganda for the South Sudanese refugee crisis. The money will be specifically used to train Psychosocial Support Workers who will work with those refugees suffering from trauma. 

We are currently awaiting other surrounding dioceses to inform us of the needs in their areas in order for our relief efforts to be mobilised in the most efficient ways. In South Sudan, Mothers’ Union recently visited Unity State to assess the famine situation  - we will update again once we have more information


Prayer Points

Please remember all those in South Sudan and pray for the following:

  • An end to the intense fighting which has overtaken large regions of South Sudan and the pursuit of peaceful means to resolve problems
  • Mothers’ Union involvement in the emergency relief work and the work of The Church and NGO’s as we respond to the crisis and help the vulnerable
  •  The challenges facing the tens of thousands trying to leave the country and the neighbouring countries coping with the influxes of refugees
  •  The provision of food and clean water 
  •  Mothers’ Union members in affected areas as they bring support to their communities
  •  Sudanese families in other countries concerned for the welfare of family and friends in caught up in the conflict
  • Long-term dialogue and reconciliation work to resolve the complex political and ethnic divisions at the heart of the conflict
  • The work of Mothers’ Union trainers in spiritual, psychosocial and  post-conflict trauma recovery support


Loving Lord,
who wept at the sufferings of Jerusalem;
have compassion on your people in this day.
Send your Spirit of justice and mercy that lives would be rescued and peace prevail.