How We Fund Our Work

Mothers’ Union aims to reduce dependency and to work in partnership, strategically looking at how we work with and equip all Mothers’ Union members around the world.

  • At the local level Mothers' Union groups fundraise and run individual projects to meet specific local needs.
  • At the national and international level, Mothers' Union resources members and provides funding for core programmes such as the Literacy & Financial Education Programme, Loving for Life or the Parenting Programme. In some countries Mothers' Union also employs regional staff (Community Development Coordinators), part funded by the local region and part funded from the central Mothers' Union, to raise the skills of the members in the area so that they can be more effective in reaching out to their communities.


Find out more detail on Where Your Money Goes to see how we are developing a strategy to ensure we reduce dependency and enable more Mothers’ Union members to carry out their vital work. You can also download a copy of our Annual Report & Accounts

Money raised for Mothers’ Union comes from membership subscriptions from within the UK and Ireland, donations from local Mothers’ Unions as well as support from individuals, trusts and partnerships. Learn more in How We Are Funded.

We are dependent on the committed support from members and supporters to move forward with our strategic vision.