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Members in Kenya have been working hard at various activities to help their communities. For instance, in one diocese members have been running seminars in different parishes on marriage and relationships, offering guidance and pre-marital counselling, especially to young couples.

In many dioceses in Kenya there is an emphasis on helping those whose life has faced adversity. In Kericho Diocese, frequent visits are organised to community members and food and other household items are taken and shared. This practice extends to hospital and prison visits. 

Members benefit from the training that many dioceses offer, giving them the ability to share knowledge and empower the women in their communities. In Kitui Diocese, members are learning about how to become self-reliant by understanding how to implement irrigation systems to enhance crops and therefore increase their value, as well as learning about poultry and goat farming. This can lead to income-generating projects such as those seen in Maseno North Diocese where the women have learnt how to construct food warmer baskets to enable food to be kept warm, which they are selling to provide an income.

Raising awareness of issues remains an important practice for members. In Kajiado Diocese, the Community Development Coordinator met with a villiage chief to discuss the issues of homeless orphans, and these orphans were subsequently taken to a childrens homes to be cared for. In Southern Nyanza Diocese, after raising the issue of woman's rights to property, women in the community are now trying to pursue legal marriage documents to gain their property entitlements

Mothers' Union members: 450,000