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Mothers’ Union Malawi has set up demonstration gardens across the country for members and their communities to visit and learn new agricultural techniques to help increase harvest yields and ensure better food security. 


In 2012 Mothers’ Union Southern Malawi, with support from the Mothers’ Union Relief Fund, helped families affected by severe flooding. Thousands of families were left homeless and members also noticed that attendance in schools was low in the affected areas as young children, weakened by hunger, found it difficult to walk through the flooded areas to their schools. Mothers’ Union Southern Malawi targeted 1,000 vulnerable households that they wished to support.


In the short term, members distributed food and other relief items such as bedding, clothes and mosquito nets to the families. Long term plans included raising awareness of malaria and water-borne diseases as well as the provision of farming implements and seeds for the community to replant their crops.


The Mothers’ Union Literacy and Financial Education Programme, which began in Northern Malawi in 2000, was expanded to other areas of the country in 2004. It has been a key instigator in the promotion of improved agricultural practices as well as the importance of a varied diet to improve family nutrition. The impact of this learning has been significant as learners and their families report that their harvests are increasing and subsequently they are now enjoying at least two varied meals a day. The health of these communities is greatly improving as learners and their families are becoming better nourished. Literacy circles and accredited learners are also ensuring that everyone feels these benefits by setting up orphan feeding programmes to care for the most vulnerable and reduce malnutrition rates within their communities. 


Across Malawi Mothers' Union is very active in outreach work within both urban and rural communities. On the outskirts of Blantyre, Mothers' Union members run a mushroom growing project which is helping to fund the education of around 60 children. In other parts of the country Mothers’ Union Malawi members are raising awareness on a number of issues including gender equality, gender-based violence, and the protection of children.


Mothers’ Union members: 13,300