Northern Argentina

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Northern Argentina

In Northern Argentina the Church is very diverse with 95 per cent of people coming from a variety of indigenous tribes such as Wichi, Toba, Chulupi, and Chorote. The area is remote and many of the people face challenges including poverty, illiteracy, deforestation, poor hygiene, and teenage pregnancy (many girls start having children at 13).

Women in Northern Argentina meet together to share fellowship, pray together and study the Bible, and also organise retreats for their communities. Mothers' Union members in Argentina reach out to individuals and families within their communities through social outreach work such as providing childcare for mothers with no income and running day care centres.

In 2012 the Worldwide Parenting Programme was launched in Argentina with the training of 16 new parenting facilitators selected from the Wichi, Toba and Criollo tribes. Two parenting coordinators were trained alongside them and the coordinators will support the facilitators and the programme as it is rolled out into communities in Northern Argentina.

The country is developing their own brand of Mothers' Union, called A.M.A.R.E. the initials, in Spanish, stand for "Anglican Women Renewed in the Spirit" and the word amare means "I will love". 

Mothers' Union members: 800