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Asociacion de Mejeres Anglicanas (Association of Anglican Women, or AMA) in Peru, part of the global Mothers' Union family, works towards the empowerment of women, building and strengthening relationships and tackling key issues facing women and families such as poverty. 

AMA has groups in all the established churches and missions of the country and works hard to nurture the women of Peru. Through practical workshops, teaching, Bible study and retreats, members help women to grow in faith and worship as well as with personal growth and development.

One of the main projects of AMA is a sewing project which empowers women with the skills to generate an income for themselves and their families. The women make school uniforms in winter and summer clothing for summer sales. School uniforms are a legal requirement in Peru, yet are often only obtainable in the centre of the city which means a bus fare poor families can’t afford. By producing locally-made and affordable uniforms the project meets a local need and helps bring down the cost of an essential item for families.

The diocese is growing very rapidly which is wonderful but sets the challenge that there are limited resources and leadership to support this. However the AMA look to this challenge with their hard work and determination and the hope of growth 

Mothers’ Union members: 150