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Mothers’ Union members: 210,000

Most of the population of Uganda is semi-illiterate, and the country faces problems such as poverty, disease and domestic violence. Mothers' Union members in Uganda have been acclaimed for their work in education and relayionship counseling - many members are considered community role models.

Country-wide projects include nursery schools, hostels for students, guest houses, and savings and credit groups. In many dioceses these projects are proving to be very successful, with members showing great commitment. However, members still face many challenges. Although a promising start has been made at establishing income-generating projects, these are still few in number. Instances of domestic violence in relationships are high and limited incomes hamper member’s capability to actively perform and make a difference to their highest ability.

In response Mothers' Union Uganda has launched "Eagle", a process designed to work co-operatively with Mothers' Union and the Church to make communities more self aware and self sustaining. Through work already achieved and plans in place, members in Uganda have made a difference in many lives, accomplished either through informal education on topics such as marriage, children and health, or economic activities

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