CofE Warns UK Gov against Sunday Trading Extension

The Church of England has made a robust response to the UK Government objecting to plans to extend Sunday trading hours, arguing that an extention to shopping hours will be detrimental to family and community life.   The Council for Mission and Public Affairs said "Our objections to extended Sunday shopping hours stem from our commitment as Christians, and as the national church, to the common good of all the communities of this country. We believe that a shared day of leisure for a critical mass of the population is a necessity if people are to be able to work together for the common good and that this will be damaged by further extending shop opening hours"

Mothers' Union has consistently spoken out against the extension of Sunday trading hours: the previous proposed extension by the Labour Government in 2006 was defeated. Mothers' Union has also made a response to the consultation which you can find here.  

To find out more read the CofE Response here.