Elections 2018 - Zonal Trustees

Corporate Document

Below are all the documents relating to nominations for Zonal Trustees. There will be a Zonal Trustee elected from each Zone of Mothers’ Union worldwide. Nominations and voting will be “in Zone for Zone”. Anyone who has been a member for more than two years (and has not already served for six years as a member of the Worldwide Board) is eligible. Nominations must be signed by two members of the Zonal Electoral College, ideally from two different Provinces. Provinces are allocated to Zones as below.

Zone A - Korea, Myanmar, North India, South India, Sri Lanka

Zone B - Brazil, Canada, South America, USA, West Indies

Zone C - Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea

Zone D - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Jerusalem and The Middle East

Zone E - Central Africa, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, Southern Africa

Zone F - Burundi, Congo, Indian Ocean, Rwanda, West Africa

Zone G - Canterbury

Zone H - York

Zone I - All Ireland

Zone J - Scotland

Zone K - Wales


The documents include

  • Code of conduct for the nomination and voting phases of the Elections.
  • Details of the nominations process for the position
  • Role descriptions for Worldwide President
  • Candidate forms 

Please make sure you read each form carefully. Nominations must be sent to Mary Sumner House to be received no later than midnight on 9th July, 2018. 

If you have any queries regarding these documents please do not hesitate to contact us at:  elections@mothersunion.org