Mothers' Union Harvest Appeal 2017

When there’s no-one to reach them, families suffer…

The truth is this is the reality for someone in South Sudan right now. 

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Imagine you are a young woman. The rains were plentiful earlier this year and you were expecting a good harvest. But civil war has torn your country apart. Your village was raided by soldiers. They took your husband and cattle. You had no choice but to flee with your children.

The soldiers will have destroyed your crops and your home. Now you are wandering in the bush and face constant danger. You forage for what you can find to feed your children but there isn’t much.

Will you give a gift this Harvest to ensure there is support for the most isolated and vulnerable around the world?

Mama Harriet is an amazing Mothers’ Union Community Development Coordinator (CDC) in South Sudan. This is a story she has come across all too often this Harvest. And across the world Mothers’ Union CDCs are telling us stories of others in similar need – suffering because of natural disaster or conflict.

By giving a donation today you will walk alongside Mothers’ Union CDCs to bring comfort and care, food and even skills training to those cut off and most in need.

Think of that woman in South Sudan. Don’t let her suffer alone this Harvest. Your donation could mean her family don’t starve to death. And for others in need around the world your donation could offer psychosocial support for someone who has suffered trauma, the opportunity for someone to start a business and get back on their feet, or skills training to be better prepared for the future.

Please donate now or consider setting up a monthly gift today.