Speaking positively about our work

In thousands of parishes all over the world Mothers’ Union members are quietly carrying out activities that make a huge difference to families and help to create stable societies for us all to live in.  But sometimes when we’re asked what we do it can be hard to articulate or to speak confidently?   

People want to know how Mothers’ Union is making a difference. That story is often best told by the people who value the work we do – the families and individuals we care about and help.   Perhaps you could speak to someone helped by your branch and ask them whether they would mind coming to speak to your church, or perhaps allowing you to write up their story for you.  Telling the story of the work we are doing helps to ensure we continue to enjoy public support for our work. 

You could also write up the project in more generic terms, saying what your volunteers do, or how many people your work helps overall. Perhaps include feedback from organisations you help, such as the local women’s refugee or food bank. 

Celebrate what you do – put together some words and a few pictures and ask for space on your Church Notice Board.  If you want further ideas have a look at the posters about our work we asked your diocesan teams to bring to Worldwide Council 2015 – the results are some fabulous new stories about the great efforts of our membership. 

Diocesean Posters

Finally we love to hear news of all Mothers’ Union members are doing, through praying, enabling and campaigning. To tell us your story email communications@mothersunion.org or give the team a ring 020 7222 5533.