Mothers’ Union vote unanimously to update Constitution

On Tuesday, 6th February, 2018, the Worldwide Council of Mothers’ Union voted unanimously to update its Constitution, ensuring that it is in line with the latest good governance guidelines for a charity based in England and Wales whilst making sure it continues to serve its members and beneficiaries in a way which is suited to the twenty-first century.

"The aims and objectives  of our charity remain unchanged, but our governance has been updated to better reflect the worldwide nature of the movement, to simplify the language, and to remove elements which had become out of date." says Mothers' Union Chief Executive Bev Jullien. "We are really excited about the opportunities this brings to our global movement".  

Specifically, the revised constitution will include elected board membership from 12 Zones worldwide;  it sets out the expectations from the central charity and affiliated entities across the world; it allows for additional trustees to be appointed with specific skills (such as finance) to complement the skills of the elected members, and ensure appropriate expertise is in place to comply with charity law within England and Wales. The Worldwide Council is also ensuring that updated guidelines, policies and procedures are put in place to underpin the Constitution.

Mothers' Union is a charity incorporated by Royal Charter. Having consulted extensively with the membership, and submitted draft proposals to  the Privy Council in 2017, the final proposals approved by the Worldwide Council are now being submitted to the Privy Council for approval, with the aim of the elections for the next triennium starting in 2019 to be held under the revised Constitution.