Community Development

Helping communities to transform

Community development describes a wide range of actions that help people to recognise and develop their capacity and potential, and to work with others to respond to shared challenges and needs. It encourages the establishment of strong communities that recognise and mobilise their assets to promote social justice and help improve the quality of community life.

Wherever Mothers’ Union has a presence in the world, we encounter an ever-greater number of families where poverty, inequality of opportunity and countless external pressures undermine the unique value of each individual and family life. Equally, wherever Mothers’ Union has a presence in the world, you will find Mothers’ Union working with individuals and families to tackle these challenges and transform communities.

Mothers’ Union recognises that strong relationships and the role of family are crucial in building healthy communities and vice versa. We believe that by helping communities to transform from within, through community development initiatives and programmes run by Mothers’ Union members, we can help create a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships and stable family life.

Through their expertise and enthusiasm, more than 300 Mothers’ Union Community Development Coordinators work in over 30 countries to enable Mothers’ Union members to achieve their potential and transform their communities through relevant grassroots projects.

In many areas Mothers' Union is starting to use Bible studies to initiate economic, social, spiritual and physical transformation for struggling communities. This Church & Community Mobilisation Process helps to unlock the potential of communities living in poverty.

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