Community Development Coordinators

Supporting members in their mission to provide Christian care for families

Community Development Coordinators are professional staff, employed by local Mothers’ Union trustee boards to help and support members as they engage with their parish and wider community. Through their expertise and enthusiasm Community Development Coordinators enable Mothers’ Union members to achieve their potential and transform their communities through relevant grassroots projects.

More than 300 Mothers’ Union Community Development Coordinators work in over 30 countries to support Mothers’ Union in their mission to provide Christian care for families. These appointments are often part funded by support grants provided by the central Mothers’ Union. Whilst the detailed focus of the work of each Community Development Coordinator appointed may vary, the essence of their role is the same: offering advice and support to trustees and members involved in projects, enabling them to identify appropriate needs and establish or develop Mothers’ Union projects that meet those needs.

Each Community Development Coordinator is a committed Christian with skills in development which enable them to train, equip, enthuse and guide our members. They work to bring increased skills, relevance and capacity to the practical outreach Mothers’ Union volunteers make at the local level. As well as working in their own area, they often attend regional and national events so that their enthusiasm and expertise can be shared with a wider group of people.

The specific areas that each Community Development Coordinator  focuses on will be determined by the priorities identified by the Mothers’ Union trustee board that employ them. In the UK & Ireland Community Development Coordinators are often involved in supporting members as they engage with our central programmes Passionate about Parenting and Loving for Life.

For more information about Mothers’ Union Community Development Coordinators please contact us.