Stories on the Street

Taking our expertise in Church and Community Mobilisation  Mothers’ Union have now co-created “Stories on the Street” a UK-based programme to aid churches to engage with their local community.  We are delighted to be working with Mosaic Creative  on this project.

What is it?

Stories on the Street is compiled of a series of workshops (usually over the period of four days) which encourages churches to identify the skills, experiences and gifts within the church that can be used to help others. Strengths within the community that can be built on are also recognised. This allows us to work with and through the church in local mission and community engagement.

Stories on the Street is  not prescribing or second guessing what any particular community should do, but providing a toolkit for Mothers Union and the Church to explore together, and subsequently with their local community, using a Bible based approach, their own strengths and needs – what they can do about them. Each Mothers’ Union branch and church will work at the pace which is right for them, linking to a wider network of others who are going through a similar process.

What are the benefits?

Participants learn ways in which to be more creative in worship and bible study and benefit from meeting together regularly to share experiences. We have seen Church & Community Mobilisation build community cohesion, inspire confidence in participants and also, led by Mothers’ Union in partnership with the Church, revitalise and grow congregations and Mothers’ Union membership

What happens in the workshops?

The morning of the workshops are largely devoted to bible study as it has been found in both the UK and overseas that it is the bible study that is often the trigger for people to understand their church and community needs in a new light. The afternoons are then spent equipping participants with a range of participatory tools they can use with their church and community to gather information, analyse that information and plan and review those projects.

Want to get involved?

Is this something that your diocese may be interested in? Please contact us at for more information