Faith in the Family

As a Christian charity we believe it is important for families to share faith together and that this positively adds to the quality and enjoyment of family life. We recognise too, though, that many parents aren’t confident about this. Either because they are unsure about their own faith or they just feel overwhelmed by yet one more thing to add to what they ‘ought’ to be doing as parents. Mothers’ Union has produced various resources to help take the pressure off parents.

Children in Church

Our Children in Church series is a set of leaflets on different aspects of children’s spirituality. Topics include: Taking Children Seriously, Bereavement, Godly Play, Children & Spirituality, Children in Church and Children & Citizenship. Each leaflet includes helpful information and practical advice. They also recommend further resources. You can order the Children in Church leaflets from Mothers' Union. 

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a booklet to help families include faith as a normal part of their life together. It emphasises that enjoying faith as part of family life should be as natural as any other aspect; that it is not about yet another set of skills or behaviour codes for children to master, but rather a lifestyle to be shared by the whole family. Order the Hand in Hand booklet

Alongside the booklet there are downloadable sheets with ideas and practical suggestions and actvities for the family to enjoy together.

What Dads Add

Dads play a very special role in the faith life of their child. Read more about What Dads Add. We also have a What Dads Add card which has ideas to help dads understand their role in encouraging the faith of their children. It’s a wallet-sized card which could be given to new dads when their babies are born or baptised, and is available to order from Mothers' Union

Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day

We think mums and dads are great and want to help children and communities to celebrate and thank God for them whenever they can. So on special occasions like Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day we have ideas and resources to help you to do this.


We have some seasonal resources for Lent including a Lenten activity to do with your child/ren