Sarah's story

A gift of £19 will help train a facilitator, enabling them to set up parents' groups within their communities. Here is the story of one mother who has been helped.

Image of Lena, the parenting facilitator who helped Sarah

 Before I joined the Mothers’ Union parents' group my life was all mixed up. I was a very confused, troubled person but the Parenting Programme helped me turn my life around. I have learnt how to provide for my children’s emotional, financial and spiritual needs and have learnt how to give them more love and attention.”
Sarah, parent in Guyana

Before Sarah* joined the parents' group she had been in trouble with the police for drugs and shoplifting. She had also been involved in prostitution. She’d been sent to prison and after her release she felt so low she contemplated suicide and even admitted to having thoughts about killing her daughter.

The church in her local community encouraged her to join the Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme. Although reticent at first she now believes this was the best decision she ever made. Lena, the parents' group facilitator, made her feel welcome and the other group members worked together like a family, realising that they all faced similar problems with their children.

Lena works with the groups to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where people are encouraged to reach their full potential.

 The Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme is a special ministry for me and has enabled me to touch over 200 lives through the six groups I have facilitated”

Many of the parents Lena works with come from very difficult backgrounds and through facilitating conversations and workshops she enables them to turn their situation around.

Although some of the parents cannot read and write, Lena makes every effort to make them all feel valued and respected. Through the sessions and because of this mutual respect parents, like Sarah, have been able to get their lives back on track. All the parents provided each other with emotional, practical and also financial support if needed. This support has enabled Sarah to develop a little business which is now very successful. She also works with a local youth group and her daughter is in high school and doing well.  

It’s a wonderful programme that I think all parents should attend. I hope by sharing my story more churches and businesses will realise its importance and support it so that it will not fade away.”

* name changed